San Diego Unified School District Principal Threatens to Call Child Welfare Services on Parents Homeschooling Their Children

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Hancock Elementary School Principal Irene Hightower recently sent an email threatening to call Child Welfare Services on parents that homeschool their children.

Naturally, the email is full of lies and due to the volume and audacity of them, it’s impossible to believe that she didn’t lie intentionally. First, she starts off by saying that San Diego Unified School District has a new rule that requires affidavits from parents that wish to homeschool their children. Even if that is true, too bad. The only rules that parents who wish to homeschool their children have to follow are those issued by the state. This is not SDUSD’s jurisdiction, and especially not that of an elementary school principal.

She also later states that parents need an accredited curriculum from a program service provider or they are breaking the law. Once again, this is completely false. California homeschool law states that parents must provide instruction in courses commonly taught in public schools. Once again, no mention of SDUSD or Hancock Elementary.

She finally states that parents that have not given the school an affidavit of proof in an accredited program are subject to having Child Welfare Services called. Once again, she is lying. This is a matter purely between parents and the State of California. Hancock Elementary has nothing to do with it, and nor does Hightower.

With all of these claims being so blatantly false, why would Hightower lie about homeschooling being illegal? She even acknowledges that “our staffing is completely dependent on opening of school enrollment.” In other words, they need the money from having students enrolled. This has nothing to do with ensuring a proper homeschool environment, she just wants money.

This behavior is completely unacceptable. Lying is bad enough, but threatening to call CPS? It’s nothing short of disgusting and Hightower’s behavior should not be tolerated.


Photo by Trending Topics 2019 via Flickr