State Senator Brian Jones’ Bill to Reduce Licensing Burdens Officially Signed into Law

On Thursday, a bill written by State Senator Brian Jones to reduce licensing burdens on working Californians was finally signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom. The bipartisan bill passed the State Assembly 75-0 and the State Senate 39-0, showing Jones’ ability to find a solution that everyone can agree on.

“I appreciate the Governor recognizing that this measure is greatly needed to help Californians awaiting their professional license approval from the state,” said Senator Jones. “After working hard to get an education, pass their exams and submitting a mountain of paperwork, a license applicant should not have to sit in limbo wondering how many months it will be til they can start their career.”

The focus on Jones’ Senate Bill 878 is to ease licensing burdens for California workers who are required to be licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). One of the recurring problems experienced by Californians is the delay in processing new and renewal license applications. SB 878 will require the DCA to display the current average timeframe for applications on their website. This transparency will help Californians prepare for and navigate the licensing process, decreasing wait times and ensuring that Californians can expeditiously enter their field of choice.

“Having to publicly post their application approval timelines will let state licensing agencies, bureaus, and commissions know that their performance is being monitored by the Legislature, the media, and the public,” Jones added. “This should help smooth out the application approval process and decreases wait times.”

Occupational licensing reform has long been needed in California, with countless would-be workers being precluded from their desired vocation. SB 878 is a crucial step to expedite the application process, allowing qualified workers to do the work they have devoted their time and effort to prepare for.