The Atlantic’s Smear of President Trump Reveals the Pathetic Depths of Left Wing Journalism

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Last week, The Atlantic ran a story claiming that President Trump called dead war veterans “losers.” Of course, the accusations are complete lies and Jeffrey Goldberg, the author of the piece, made the whole thing up. This story is a new low in the depths that leftist “news” sites are willing to stoop.

Looking at the article, the only evidence they provide is three anonymous sources. This is traditionally an unacceptable standard for journalism, but since Trump took office, “anonymous White House official” has become code for “whatever we want people to believe.” In addition to not having sources, Goldberg also provides no location for where Trump said it, and this is deliberate. If he gave a location, other people that were there besides the “three sources” could verify that the author is making things up.

This is blatant slander and I would argue that it’s also criminal. Goldberg surely knows that the military is the most revered institution in America, so saying this ignites an intense anger for people those naive enough to believe it. What’s worse is that no matter what happens to The Atlantic or Goldberg, left wing journalists will continue smearing the president.

The same media currently claiming that Trump makes fun of veterans and tolerates Russia putting bounties on soldiers is the same media that calls our president a fascist for putting our military front and center at every rally. They claim—with a straight face—that President Trump is Adolf Hitler and Jane Fonda at the same time. It’s pathetic and intolerable, and unless an example is made, nothing will change.

The Atlantic must be excommunicated from all press functions. They need to be demoted to the same tier as The Onion. The same goes for Vox, CNN, and any other organization that would so blatantly lie about something Americans care so deeply about. It’s one thing to lie about economic policy or rioting, but this type of slander tears at the very fabric of our nation. Half the country now believes that Trump spits on our heroes. Goldberg used a cheap political ploy to weaken the nation.

The worst part is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. President Trump has done more to honor veterans and our military than any president in history, and not just in words. He has done a service to veterans by ensuring that the new generations do not have to experience the horrors they lived through.

He’s one of the only modern presidents who refused to engage in any new wars. He has, in fact, tried to end the current ones. We’re in the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan and Iraq, and if the Senate hadn’t blocked him, we would have left Syria already. Not only is The Atlantic story disgusting and divisive propaganda, it paints a false portrait of an honorable commander-in-chief.