Why Barbara Bry Deserves to be the Next Mayor of San Diego

Written by Daniel Smiechowski

San Diego Mayoral candidate Barbara Bry has positioned herself as the more centrist candidate than her opponent, Todd Gloria, and is better positioned to work with all political factions in San Diego. She is a candidate without prejudice, a brilliant mind, competent, honest, and hard-working. San Diego needs a mayor who is not a career politician, which is not only what Gloria is, but how he comes across.

Several years ago, San Diego was besieged by the insanity of so-called alternative transportation—motorized scooters that proved deadly with untold fatalities and horrible personal injury. Used as toys by mostly thirty-year-old boys, these scooters were in part the mastermind of Todd Gloria. Using a poor historical analogy, Gloria went on record as comparing the recalcitrance to the automobile of 120 years ago to that of scooters today. It was Barbara Bry who voiced early community concern of scooters and their safety. This is the kind of judgement we need in San Diego.

During the 2018 San Diego City Council race in District Two, it was Gloria again who brought to prominence another member of the LGBT community: Jen Campbell. Campbell is under recall consideration for duping the voters on multiple issues. Quite frankly, Gloria has trust and judgment issues.

In the Ash Street fiasco, an asbestos-contaminated building formerly the home of San Diego Gas and Electric, what did Gloria know and when did he know it? Personally, as someone holding a degree in real estate, I would think that Gloria ought to have at least considered the age and concomitant construction of a building commanding such an expensive lease. Again, Gloria plainly exercised poor judgement.

Finally, here is what the voters ought to know and take to heart. Having attended hundreds of Democrat Club meetings throughout the years, in all my interaction with Gloria, he never once did he make me feel worthy, accepted, or honorable. He left me feeling as if I were a second-class citizen. I come from a family of God-fearing salt of the earth Democrats from the Midwest, and I resent being looked down upon.

San Diego ought to be welcoming to everyone. We are one community, one city with one common public good. For that reason, I urge a vote for Barbara Bry as the next Mayor of San Diego.


Photo by a.canvas.of.light via Flickr