Candidate Profile: Christi Knight for Escondido Union High School District Board 

Written by Justin Culetu 

Christi Knight is running for Escondido Union High School Board Area 3 and is endorsed by the Republican Party of San Diego County.

Knight attended Orange Glenn and Valley High School and held numerous leadership positions, including Student Board Member in 1993. During her junior year of high school, Knight transferred to Valley High School, where she was able to succeed as a student and was the valedictorian of the class of 1994.

Currently, Christi serves the District as Deputy Chief of Staff and handles policies regarding health, education, social services, and public safety. Prior to this, Knight worked on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and also served as the Director of the Health and Human Services Agency. Knight also serves as the EUHSD Board Member representative for Escondido Education COMPACT. As a mother of two boys, Diego and Abraham, Christi understands the importance of education, and can relate on a personal level with other parents. 

When making decisions, Chrisit always puts the children first. During her numerous years of service, Knight secured grant funding to provide more on-campus food distribution opportunities for elementary and high schools by partnering with the San Diego Food Bank. She continues to advocate for investment in preparing the youth if they ever encounter law enforcement or reach a point of crisis, and believes in the importance of community-based mentorship to help the youth reach their full potential. 

Some of Knight’s top priorities are implementing school choice, empowering teachers, and creating post-graduation pathways for students to be prepared for the future. Knight believes that each child has the right to a quality education that will prepare them for the path of life. She adamantly believes that parents and guardians deserve to be heard on issues regarding their child’s education. Increasing access to physical, mental, and behavioral health services for both students and teachers is another crucial change that Knight will advocate for, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has brought numerous challenges for teachers and students alike.

Christi Knight has been endorsed by multiple San Diego leaders, such as San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, Escondido City Councilman Mike Morasco, Civil Rights Leader Shane Harris, several EUHSD Board Members, parents, teachers, and more. 

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