Governor Newsom Shockingly Vetoes Bill Requiring High School Ethnic Studies Courses

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

State Democrats, including local Assemblywomen Shirley Weber and Lorena Gonzalez, have been calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to support a bill mandating ethnic studies courses for all students in public high schools. 

The bill would require all public schools to offer ethnic studies courses beginning in 2025, and would make the taking of an ethnic studies course mandatory for all students starting in 2030. 

The entire reason for the course requirement is both hilariously ironic and sad at the same time. “I have to remind myself that part of the whole issue of domination and enslavement was the absence of information about yourself,” said Weber. The ironic part is that the “knowledge” gained from these courses puts its victims in the exact same mindset as the slaves of centuries passed. 

When you look at the lives of successful black men like Ben Carson and David Goggins, you see that these men had a self reliant and independent mindset. Ethnic studies courses teach the politics of victimhood and transplant the victim mindset into the heads of students that never had it in the first place. What it teaches is that even though blacks and other minorities live in a free society, they are nonetheless still oppressed by white people, capitalists, republicans, and so on. They are no longer slaves physically, but are still bound by the chains in their minds.

You see this with every type of “studies” college graduate. They are already at a disadvantage for having thousands of dollars of debt for a useless degree, but they leave college with a terrible attitude that infects everything they do. There is a reason why grievance studies majors only seem to be good at complaining and activism—often the same thing.

These courses have never helped anyone. The information these courses teach are like a fire that burns its host rather than a guiding light. They mask true reasons for poverty and lack of success and turn them into the ever present specter of “racism.” While having no skills and a poor attitude can be fixed, critical theory and ethnic studies put its victim in a permanent state of victimhood and entitlement, which requires serious amounts of deprogramming to have any hope of being successful.

While these courses used to only be for the handful of suckers that got duped into attending them at the college level, they will soon be required for all high school students in California. Imagine the obnoxious leftist victimhood and entitlement mindset, but applied to every student in the California public school system.

Far from being required, ethnic studies should never even be taught. Learning about your history is essential, but the way in which these courses are taught—where victimhood is not only acceptable but praised and gullible teenagers are indoctrinated by intersectionality—must be stopped. It’s a regressive ideology that damages its supporters by pitting the world against them.

In a shocking turn of events, Gov. Newsom vetoed the ethnic studies bill, to the dismay of his Democrat colleagues. Leftists in academia are already expressing their frustration as well.

“White people in this society can still with the stroke of a pen say to children of color in this state that your history doesn’t matter and that the only way your history will be told is if we get to sanitize it, scrutinize it and approve it before it gets to you,” said Cal State Northridge Chicano Studies professor Theresa Montaño. “That I think is to me the most painful.”

While this creates tension between Newsom and others on the left, it’s a sigh of relief for parents and students alike.