Governor Newsom Signs Disastrous Bill Allowing Inmates to be Housed in Accordance with Their Self-Identified Gender

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill requiring transgender inmates to be housed by the gender they identify as. Except for prisoners considered “management and security concerns,” this basically means anyone who claims to be transgender can be transferred. Even then, those rejected must be given a “meaningful opportunity'” to object.

Naturally, California Democrats are thrilled. “It’s just a false narrative about transgender people and about transgender women in particular that they’re somehow not really women and are just trying to scam their way into women’s bathrooms or facilities in order to do bad things,” said State Senator Scott Wiener, the author of the bill. “Overwhelmingly the people who are being victimized are trans people.”

This is a very politically correct and nice thing to say, but unfortunately, many women will inevitably be assaulted and raped because Senator Wiener is giving violent criminals the benefit of the doubt.

Contrary to what you would expect, the most raped gender is not women, but men. This is almost entirely due to incidences of rape in prison. Allowing confined, violent, and desperate men to be given a free ticket to a women’s prison when all they have to do is pretend they have gender dysphoria is a recipe for disaster.

Senator Wiener surely believes that proper authorities will catch frauds and dangerous prisoners before they are transferred, but there is no evidence of them being able to do this. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, there was an epidemic of fake Vietnam veterans that received special privileges and sentence reductions for their”“service,” and that’s not to mention the now-famous case of Willie Horton, an inmate who took advantage of a weekend furlough program to rape a woman. If they couldn’t keep violent criminals and frauds from lying and receiving privileges before, what makes their intuition correct now?

Even without having to use relatively unrelated examples, there have already been cases of this exact behavior happening. In Britain, a transgender inmate raped two women while in prison. A female prisoner in Illinois is also suing the state because she was raped by a transgender inmate and the state essentially ignored it.

This problem will likely be sorted out eventually, but many women will suffer before Democrats realize that putting dangerous male criminals in confined areas with women is a horrible idea. When it inevitably happens and the person responsible is in court, they should charge Senator Wiener, too.