I am a Young Conservative and Proud of It

Written by Riley Gould

I am deeply passionate about my conservative views. I am pro-gun, pro-military, and pro-life. I’m a firm believer that people should have the right to bear arms so they can protect themselves in any situation.

My father was in the United States Navy for 30 years, so I have always had strong feelings of gratitude and pride in the sacrifices that men and women in uniform make to serve our country and protect our citizens. I have been mostly for pro-life but i have thought there should be certain exceptions made for it.

My predominantly pro-life views are rooted in the right to life for all innocent children, with exceptions for the extremely rare cases of rape and imminent danger to the mother’s life. I also believe that such extreme abortion cases should be performed in a professional doctor’s office, rather than abortion clinics that profit off of misleading and exploiting young women. 

The leftist bias of academic is something I have witnessed firsthand, as most professors gladly express their political views in the classroom. The most common perspective shared by professors is their disdain for President Trump, effectively coercing students with opposing views to remain silent. The potential consequences—academically and socially—make it incredibly difficult to speak out against such pervasive bias, which threatens the purpose of academia.

For these reasons and many more, I’m a proud conservative and feel honored to live in this great nation. I hope that more students are willing to stand up and say the same.