Local Democrats Accepting Campaign Donations from Law Enforcement Associations Despite Democrat Party Resolution Forbidding It

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Even though the San Diego County Democratic Party passed a resolution this year demanding that their endorsed candidates not accept donations from law enforcement associations as a result of the far-left’s anti-police rhetoric, some Democrat candidates are defying the Party by doing it anyways.

State Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner-Horvath, State Senator Toni Atkins, and others have repeatedly accepted campaign contributions from law enforcement organizations while their Party is actively denouncing the police. So far, this hasn’t resulted in negative consequences for the candidates that are actively ignoring the Party’s orders, but it shows that there are quite a few members who will sell out for a quick buck and disregard their publicly-espoused principles. In other words, it’s business as usual for Democrats.

Arguably, the more intriguing part is that some law enforcement bodies are continuing to support Democrats in the first place. In a year where “Defund the Police” is an actual policy suggestion by the Democrat Party, it seems like things would come to a head and law enforcement would abandon Democrats. Unfortunately, there is a straightforward reason for this—and it has nothing to do with morals.

Police officers are fundamentally still government employees. The law enforcement money going to Democrats is not coming from your average cop—it comes from police unions and associations. The people that are for expanding government and giving benefits to unions are the Democrats, and the police associations know this. It’s the same as with virtually every other organized labor group. The working man is Republican, while his union’s leadership is overwhelmingly Democrat.

All this does is make it worse for police officers. Thanks to the handful of law enforcement associations donating to Democrats, anti-police politicians will make it harder for cops to do their jobs and throw them under the bus so that unions can get slightly increased pensions.


Original Photo by Cliff via Flickr