MARYOTT: Cleaning Up Congress is a Lot Like Cleaning Up a Kennel

In a new television advertisement, Republican congressional candidate Brian Maryott is certainly not pulling any punches, taking aim at the “childish antics” of career politicians from both parties. In the ad, Maryott compares cleaning up Congress to the work he did in his first job: cleaning dog kennels.

“Like most voters out there, I’m frustrated by the lack of results from both parties throughout the years. Partisan stalemates and political theatrics only benefit career politicians, and our district has been getting the raw end of the deal for far too long,” explained Maryott. “We have an immense group of talented young people volunteering and working on our campaign, and they’re very concerned by the decades of congressional irresponsibility that’s sticking them with a tax bill they can’t pay off. Hyper partisan politics is clearly not working, so I’m asking voters to buck the system and join me in forging the bipartisan solutions our communities need.”

The new advertisement is part of a $250,000 one week buy that includes television and digital placement. While Maryott’s campaign may not have the lavish funding from special interests that incumbent Rep. Mike Levin has, it draws stark contrast between the politician nature of Levin and Maryott’s resonance with hard-working Americans.

“Our opponent, Mike Levin, is part of a system that has sacrificed the financial security of the American economy while failing to produce solutions to even the most basic problems facing our country. Levin has shown himself to be just another career politician who puts his trust in big government and his party, not the American people,” added Team Maryott campaign manager Patrick Snow. “Mike Levin is taking his marching orders from party leaders who refuse to change their ways, work together and actually solve problems. Unlike Mike Levin, Brian Maryott will go to Congress and get the work done.”

You can watch the entire advertisement below: