New Study Shows a Significant Surge in California Gun Sales Primarily Due to Lawlessness

Written by Justin Culetu 

The COVID-19 pandemic is nearing its eighth month of presence in the United States. Along with the continued lockdowns pushed by many Democrat government officials, civil unrest and violence has been another major issue plaguing our country since the death of George Floyd, sparking protests and riots all around the nation, including California. 

A recent study published by UC Davis researchers states that 110,000 people acquired firearms—including 47,000 first time gun owners—during the first five months of the pandemic. The main reason for the surge in sales is connected to the rise of violence. The researchers note that 76% of buyers stated that “lawlessness” was the main motivation for acquiring a firearm.

In addition, poverty, unemployment, lack of available resources, isolation, hopelessness, and loss all contributed to the rise in violence during the lockdowns. The lowest concern for purchasing a firearm was mass shootings. 

Despite the media and many Democrat officials explaining that these riots were mostly peaceful, California residents felt otherwise as shown by the numbers above. With the failure of Democrat governors and mayors to provide law and order during the uproar of violence, looting, and arson, the clear choice for Californians was to take matters into their own hands for self-defense just in case they had no other option or aid from the government and higher powers—the way the Second Amendment was intended to be carried out in America.

With the election around the corner, California Democrats continuing the lockdowns will be a major concern for citizens that are not only afraid about the financial consequences, but also the safety concerns they could face if the violence continues.