State Budget Woes Fall on the Imprudence of Democrats

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

As a result of the state’s massive budget deficit, there are likely to be tax increases to make up for it. 

Democrats could have avoided this crisis, of course. Instead, they relied on a pipe dream in the form of federal aid from the HEROES Act. The bill was completely partisan and passed in the House, but because it’s only supported by Democrats, there was never any hope of support in the Senate or by President Trump. California Democrats refused to cut many wasteful programs, and now they are passing the cost of this blunder onto taxpayers.

Gov. Newsom disagrees with his Democrat colleagues and does not want to increase taxes, likely because of how unpopular they are, but he may have no choice. Since they cut almost nothing, essential services like public schools and community colleges have billions of dollars in payments delayed.

Unfortunately, the government has not appeared to have learned its lesson. According to H.D. Palmer, a spokesman for the Department of Finance, even though October 15 was the state budget deadline to reverse cuts, it also allows for updates if the federal government approves aid later.

The state receiving funds is entirely reliant on Joe Biden getting elected because Trump explicitly stated that he would not send stimulus until after the election. He doesn’t want to “bail out poorly run high crime, Democrat States.” If Biden loses, the State Legislature is right back to square one with massive deficits and unfunded programs.


Photo by Chris Potter via Flickr