Violent Crime Rising in California is Due to Lockdowns and Riots

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Homicide and gun violence have sharply risen this year in California. Homicides in San Francisco have increased 30 percent, and in Oakland, assaults with a firearm are up 44 percent from last year. There are two reasons behind this massive rise in violent crime: the lockdowns and the riots, both of which Democrats have defended at every turn.

Lockdowns are the most significant driver behind the rise in crime. Many people are desperate because they have been out of work for more than six months. Simply put, people can’t be forced inside for half the year without adverse consequences. Depression, stress, and even suicide have increased dramatically as a direct result of lockdowns. It’s not that much of a stretch to say that those first two factors could result in higher crime.

The other reason for increased crime is the riots that have destroyed much of the state while Democrat officials ordered the police to stand down. Though people like Jerry Nadler and Joe Biden believe that far-left violence is a “myth” and that ANTIFA is “an idea,” anyone that lives in La Mesa can see the charred remnants of Chase Bank—and San Diego was one of the least affected areas.

Places like Los Angeles and San Francisco have been hit much worse. While the state was burning, the Democrats in charge covered for far-left rioters, with Democrat Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA) infamously walking out of a congressional hearing because she refused to condemn ANTIFA when asked.

These are the main reasons behind the massive spike in violence across California. While Democrats inevitably attempt to blame guns and President Trump, people should know the real reasons for the rise in violent crime.