Why Kamala Harris is the Best Person to Lead the Democrat Opposition to Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Yes, you are reading this correctly. You didn’t just stumble on Vox or The Atlantic, this is still San Diego News Desk. Senator and Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris (D-CA) is the best person to lead the Democrat opposition to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Here’s why.

Everyone already knows how petty and vile the Democrats are going to be in the confirmation hearings. As a result of this being an election year, the treatment of Barrett is likely going to be what Justice Brett Kavanaugh experienced, amplified to 100. Kamala Harris was a major reason for the vitriol that Justice Kavanaugh experienced. There is just one difference this time around: Harris is now inseparable from Joe Biden. 

While Democrats may have been able to sweep much of what happened to Kavanaugh under the rug, now that the vice presidential pick of their party will likely be just as cruel as she was in 2018, the backlash from it will carry over to Biden. Biden already has an uphill battle against President Trump, but having a hated vice president will put the election away for good. Critics of this idea may claim that this won’t affect Biden since he isn’t involved, but a disliked vice president can sink any campaign.

Since Biden is not in the Senate anymore and won’t be directly involved, Harris is the closest thing Republicans can get to a Biden proxy, and her strategy during the hearings will only make things worse.

The one thing Democrats have seemed to hone in on more than anything else with Barrett is her devout Catholic faith. I’ve written about this more deeply in another article on the subject, but to sum it up, attacking a woman for being Catholic in a heavily Catholic country is not a good look, but that is exactly what Democrats are going to do. As a result, Trump’s campaign team will have no trouble creating “Joe Biden’s VP Hates Catholics” ads because Democrats will have basically handed over such a narrative.

The Democrats will act incredibly dishonorable and disrespectful during the hearings—no surprise there. Kamala Harris will be at the very forefront of this inquisition and will only make her running mate lose that much worse as a result.


Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr