As COVID-19 Death Rates Decline, Democrats Continue Using Case Numbers to Justify Lockdowns

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Even as the coronavirus death rate has fallen dramatically, Democrats continue enforcing lockdowns because cases are increasing.

This is a misguided approach by Democrats because if people are no longer dying in massive numbers from the virus, it has now become an illness much like the flu. The only justification for the lockdowns was that doing them could save lives, but if we know that the virus is not as deadly as previously believed, we are essentially hiding from the flu.

For this reason alone, the lockdowns must end. It does not matter whether people are getting the virus or not. The only thing that matters is whether or not people are dying, and evidently, they are not—or at least not in nearly as large numbers as before.

In many ways, the lockdown has become worse than the virus. As President Trump said, “The cure can’t be worse than the disease.” The destruction of the economy, heightened stress for average people, increased suicides, and the inability of citizens to simply live their lives is the legacy of the lockdowns. These are just a few of the reasons why it should be ended immediately. 

States like California should take lessons from Florida, which has already reopened. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis saw the problems with the lockdowns and said, “We will never do any of these lockdowns again.” Never again should states destroy their economies and the lives of their citizens all in the name of hiding from the coronavirus.


Photo via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention