Candidate Profile: Victor Graham for San Marcos Unified School District

Written by Justin Culetu 

Victor Graham is running for San Marcos Unified School District Area D and is endorsed by the Republican Party of San Diego County. 

Graham is a father of two children, both of whom attended SMUSD schools from kindergarten to high school and went on to graduate from top universities such as UC San Diego and Cornell. Victor himself attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. After college, Graham worked at Hewlett-Packard as a product marketing manager and is currently the owner of a small consulting business in San Marcos.

Victor’s involvement with the San Marcos community goes back many years as he has served on the San Marcos Budget Review Committee, the San Marcos Economic Development Corporation, and the Oversight Committee of the Palomar Medical Center. Graham is also the current Vice President of the San Marcos Unified School District Board. What got Victor involved in education was an incident where his son’s math teacher was not able to perform to her best abilities due to state regulation that forced her to use an inferior textbook. Graham believes that the focus should be to enhance the performance of teachers and students as much as possible, instead of suppressing that possibility with burdensome state regulations.

To ensure the best possible outcomes, Graham believes that most decisions should be made not at the state or federal level, but at the local level so that the closer application of the decisions could directly benefit as many students and teachers as possible. Since children deserve the best education possible, Graham will make sure to give a greater voice to students, parents, and teachers to produce the best results.

Some priorities for Graham’s campaign include more local control, vocational options, and private sector partnerships. A “one size fits all” mentality simply does not work in education. Each child has different needs and processes of learning, which is why state officials often hinder success by implementing policies and regulations without knowing the needs of the individual students and schools. By making decisions with firsthand knowledge, the outcomes and results of those decisions will put the students and teachers first.

With each child having their own unique talents, they need to be informed about all the possible vocations they can pursue and be able to identify their gifts and acquire motivation. Creating partnerships will allow for the phenomenal businesses of North County to assist in training students for their future endeavors in the workforce, without major tax increases being needed to provide these opportunities.

Victor Graham has been endorsed by a myriad of elected officials and community leaders, including San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones, State Senator Brian Jones, State Assemblywoman Marie Waldron, County Supervisor Jim Desmond the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, the California ProLife Council, and many more.

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