Conservative College Students Must Step Up in Political Activism

Written by Riley Gould

Days before the election, CalMatters featured an op-ed from a college student titled, “College Students Want Change – That’s Why I’m Voting.”

The author argues that college students are lazy and that we complain about politics, but don’t get involved. I think that especially with the pandemic going on, students and younger people more broadly are getting into politics more than ever.

Moreover, I do not agree that the “social justice” marches are the way to push for any change, much less positive change. I believe that organizations such as “Black Lives Matter” divide our country rather than unify it.

That said, with our economy and country shutting down, we need leaders in the community to step up, otherwise things will only get worse. I used to think that one vote in a large state, especially California, would not make any difference. On the other hand, I have always been a firm believer in the saying that every little bit counts.

So, instead of trying to find a compromise between the two extremities, I have concluded that my vote does matter and I need to stand with the people who are with me to support them in this difficult time. Many college students are afraid to have a difference of opinion because their professors and peers may ostracize them for expressing conservative beliefs.

In my experience, I am away from my hometown and all of the people that I am surrounded by have different opinions than me. Of course, I respect their views, but I have hid for too long and will never forgive myself for feeling that my political beliefs are something that I should be ashamed of.

For other college conservatives, it’s important not to be afraid of speaking your mind and getting involved in the community. The social pressures may discourage you, but you have a responsibility to yourself and others to overcome them.