Darrell Issa: Trump on par with Lincoln, Reagan with value added to the Republican Party

Congressman Darrell Issa, who won California’s 50th Congressional District in the recent election, spoke highly of President Trump’s effects on the Republican Party. He compared Trump’s influence to that of former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Regan.

“I believe that Donald Trump has added to the Republican Party just as Lincoln did and Reagan did and Goldwater did,” Darrell Issa said on “Fox News Saturday.” “These are lasting people still mark each of those historical figures in a very special way. And so I think when you take the party of Reagan, and then you add Lincoln, then you add Trump you get our party.”

Issa has been a staunch supporter of President Trump over the past 4 years. He even ran as “A Trump Conservative,” in his most recent election, where he was victorious by over 23,000 votes and counting.

Issa is headed back to Congress two years after he retired from his previous House seat. He served 9 terms as a Congressman for the 49th district before being tapped by the President to head the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.

As the elected representative for the 50th district, Issa has promised to fight for the issues that his constituents care about most. He is an advocate for strong, secure borders and believes “we must build the wall,” and end sanctuary cities. Additionally, Issa wants to work on beneficial trade agreements and continue President Trump’s efforts of standing up to nations that have taken advantage of us for far too long. The residents of the 50th district also care deeply about their 2nd amendment rights and the right to life for every child. Issa has championed these causes in the past and will continue to fight for pro-life policies and the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms.

Photo by Zuma/Alamy