Endorsed Republican Candidate Dustin Trotter maintains slim lead for Santee City Council

The race between Dustin Trotter and Samm Hurst for Santee’s District 4 City Council seat is neck and neck, but has been trending towards Trotter, who holds a slim lead.

As of Thursday morning, Trotter is ahead by just 8 votes. Samm Hust was ahead on election night by a wide margin, but Trotter slowly closed the gap in the days following, and his margin over Hurst has been growing.

Trotter was born and raised in Santee. He started his business, Trotter Door and Trim, in 2006 at the ripe age of 21. Dustin is also a dedicated member of the community. He is an active member of the Santee Santa’s program, the Santee Foodbank, Guardian Angels Church, the Santee Parks and Recreation Committee (SPARC), and an appointed member of the Community Oriented Policing Committee (COMPOC). He is part of a blue-collar family and wants to get involved to better the lives of all Santee residents.

If the trend continues and Trotter successfully secures his spot on the Santee City Council, he will quickly get to work on improving economic prosperity for the city, increasing safety, fixing crumbling infrastructure, and improving social well being by encouraging open space and better parks. He would also like to see the river trail system and community center completed.

Election results are updated every day can be viewed here. The next update is today, November 19th, at 5 pm.