Gina Roberts Becomes California’s First Republican Transgender Elected Official

Gina Roberts has secured her spot in this history books this November, becoming the first Republican transgender elected official in California. And if that’s not enough, Ms. Roberts won two elections!

In the race for Valley Center Parks and Recreation Board of Directors, Roberts pulled in over 5,000 votes, nearly 1,000 votes more than Carol Dale Johnson, who came in 2nd place. The park district that Gina won is being dissolved in the future, so Ms. Roberts will become a member of the County Service Area No. 138.

In addition, Gina won a 4-year term on the Valley Center Fire Protection District Board.

San Diego News Desk Reached out to Ms. Roberts to congratulate her on her win and she had this to say,

“I just really appreciate that the people of Valley Center have trusted me to represent them on the fire and the parks and rec boards. I promise that I’m not going to let them down in any way and this shows that putting community over any other issues is the most important part. You can make more of a difference at the community level than you can at the big government level.”

This isn’t the first time that Ms. Roberts has made history. She became the first transgender Central Committee member for the San Diego Republican Party back in 2016 and the first transgender delegate for the California Republican Party in 2017. She currently serves on the county’s Human Relations Committee and as the President of Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego. Adding to her lengthy list of achievements,  the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce named her honorary mayor twice, and the Valley Roadrunner crowned her as Newsmaker of the Year.

Gina Roberts has overcome all kinds of adversities in her life and should serve as an inspiration to all. She is living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. The San Diego News Desk congratulates her on her not one, but two election victories, and on becoming the first Transgender Republican to be elected in California.