Housing Commission begins negotiations to develop Famosa Canyon in Point Loma

Written by Justin Culetu 

On November 13th, the San Diego Housing Commission Board (SDHC) voted to study and negotiate possible affordable housing development with Bridge Housing Corporation on Famosa Canyon between Famosa and Nimitz Boulevard.  

A group called The Point Loma Recreation Advisory Group (PLRA) wrote over 200 letters two days after the decision asking the Housing Commission not to continue their negotiations for the affordable housing project. Instead, PLRA wanted them to consider selling the 5-acre parcel to an out of town organization for $800,000 and let it remain as a park or open space. Although the letters had many reasons for rejecting the Housing Commission’s proposal, few of those letters acknowledged the current housing crisis according to SDHC Board Vice-Chair Ryan Clumpner.  

The Point Loma residents that oppose the affordable housing development are set on the idea of turning the parcel of land into a public park, although there are multiple parks nearby including Robb Field, Dusty Rhodes, and Collier Park. Currently, the city believes affordable housing is necessary due to the ongoing housing crisis, and keeping the cost of the land low is an important factor in finding a developer to build housing. The addition of a public park would increase the city budget due to maintenance requirements and use up viable land for housing which would only contribute to the current housing shortage.

Photo via San Diego Housing Comission