State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Putting Huge Money Behind Prop 16 Campaign

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, one of the most powerful politicians in California, has poured more than $200,000 into the campaign for Prop 16, contradicting the notion that the Prop 16 campaign is grassroots. The campaign for Prop 16 is not grassroots in any way, because almost everyone in the California Democrat establishment supports it.

If passed, Prop 16 would allow legalized discrimination by the government. This initiative is being sold under the guise of helping “underprivileged” groups of people that have been “historically disadvantaged,” but it’s just the government giving benefits based on race and gender.

The radical left has pushed this for decades in order to make up for economic and educational disparities between races, but this is the first time that it has a chance of passing. If Prop 16 passes, qualified applicants to universities and jobs will be overlooked in favor of applicants who have a more preferred race or gender. 

Assemblywoman Gonzalez’s own reasoning for supporting Prop 16 proves how unneeded the bill is. “I have a daughter who’s Black and Latina,” Gonzalez said. “I understand and see firsthand the structural racism that continues to exist in California and it’s deeply personal to me.” As a state assemblywoman and Stanford graduate, she has been treated incredibly well by the system. 

Nevertheless, she continues to support the discriminatory Prop 16. This just shows that the support for this bill comes from the very top and the movement to pass it is not organic by any stretch.