Texas vs. California: Two Competing Visions for America

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

In America today, there seems to be two prevailing visions for the nation—one progressive and one conservative. These two visions are exemplified in the states of California and Texas. 

In these states, where both respective policies were solidified through more than a decade of policy decisions, the results are clear. If we are looking at the immigration and emigration rates of each state, Texas is where people want to be.

Even though California is the most populous state in the nation and has major cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, it now has more people leaving the state than moving to it. Meanwhile, Texas has become the nation’s hub for all business and even people as typically “Californian” as Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan have moved to Texas to avoid the crushing taxes and other progressive policies that have decimated the Golden State.

Even though they both serve as stark representations of their respective philosophies, they may not stay that way. While California will only move left as productive and hard-working Republicans flee the state in droves, liberals that do the same will likely bring their same flawed politics to their new states.

There is a saying in southwestern states like Arizona and Texas for people who move there from California: “Don’t vote for what you left.” Many Californians have not heeded this advice as Arizona now has two Democrat senators, and Texas is becoming more blue each year. So long as Texas can keep its Republican majority and promote assimilation, there should be no problem and America will still have a state that isn’t destroyed by progressive policies.

Texas and California illustrate the difference in politics in this country. With Texas conservatives, it’s personal responsibility and equal opportunity. For California, it’s free stuff and entitlement. This is the choice that voters must make and they should do it knowing well what has happened to the formerly Golden State.