The Tipping Point

Written. by Philip Mauriello Jr. is the Managing Attorney of Arete Law A.P.C. and host of the California Underground Podcast

In 2016, the world was shocked by the amazing upset Donald Trump pulled off. It was a thunderous result heard around the world. Soon, populist and conservative leaders began being elected in countries all over the world. It was apparent that whether Trump was the spark or riding the wave, there was a shift in ideology not only in America, but across the globe. The days of globalist, multi-national identity were fraying, and the citizens of these countries were making their voices heard. 

But we knew so little back in 2016. Outside of those like myself, who wade through politics on a daily and hourly basis, not many knew what was really going on. They had no idea that Washington was truly an insider scheme whereby the players may change, but the policies and actions do not. We had an incline because the thought of electing another Clinton seemed more like we were electing a royal family rather than a public servant. But now we see with more and more evidence—thanks to Hunter Biden—how these insider politicians truly fed. 

Many more people, millions probably, are now all aware of this. They were naive four years ago, but now they see that going back to an insider like Joe Biden will return us to a time when the insiders run our lives and the people are merely casual observers. 

In what was supposed to probably be a frog in boiling water strategy to fundamentally change our country forever, we now see it on full display. The Left hates your religion, they hate your ability to own a gun, they hate that the Supreme Court will be a backstop against unconstitutional actions for decades to come. They hate how society is and are willing to radically change it at all costs. They have not been shy about any of this. 

They seek to turn America into, well, California. A land of haves and have nots. Where you are crushed by the power of the state, deprived of your rights, and then glibly told you’re welcome for the privilege of living in such a depraved and backward state. So, this election is not only consequential for America, but also for California as well. 

Will the people of California continue to vote for tyrants who have exploited a pandemic for unlimited and unchecked power? Will they continue to vote for a party who has destroyed our once beautiful cities? Deprived farmers of water to grow crops? Destroyed the middle class?

2016 was a referendum on politics in America—2020 will be an affirmation. We need to make it known that 2016 was not a temporary blip, but a course correction.

When you go to vote, keep this in mind. You hold the ability to make this happen. From president on down to school board, keep this in mind when you vote. Let’s keep pushing forward.