Barry Leonard wins re-election for Poway City Council

Written by Justin Culetu 

Poway District 2 will be welcoming incumbent Barry Leonard back after he won re-election for City Council. Leonard was the San Diego Republican Party’s endorsed candidate for the position and has provided excellent service for Poway during his time on the council. 

Leonard’s experience as City Councilman dates back six years, and throughout those years he has built a deep connection with the city and the district. During previous terms, he voted on numerous development projects that helped enhance the quality of life in Poway. Some of which include his vote to build affordable housing for developmentally disabled adults and senior veterans, as well as the Mickey Cafagna Community Center that will also be a Senior Center. Both of which were done without raising taxes or surpassing budgets. Leonard also led the Espola Road clean up and continues to advocate for maintaining the smooth Poway roads to keep drivers and residents safe. 

During his term, Leonard plans to continue the success Poway has had by maintaining a safe community and keeping the city fiscally responsible.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, residents and businesses in Poway have taken a hit financially. Leonard is committed to helping the city prosper post-COVID-19 in multiple ways, one of which being the redevelopment of Poway Road, which will increase economic opportunity in the region.

Barry Leonard’s re-election was made possible through his many years of experience and achievements, as well as the support from the County Republican Party. His constituents can now look forward to another 4 years of his excellent leadership. 

For more information on Barry Leonard’s vision for Poway, visit BarryLeonardForPoway.com