Op-Ed: This Is A Street Fight

Written by Philip Mauriello Jr., Managing Attorney of Arete Law A.P.C. and host of the California Underground Podcast

I am not shy about calling out California Republicans every chance I get. I have no issue with pointing out what a weak campaign John Cox ran and how much I do not want him running again for fear of another rollover and die campaign against his Highness King Noodles.

I started to lose my cool this past week when the CAGOP sent out an email requesting money. They came up with a cute meme (which I believe was stolen from some other content creator) and told Republicans to print off the meme and take a picture with and make sure you hashtag “cagop” in your post. Oh, and don’t forget to give $35 to the CAGOP so they continue to take the fight to the Governor.

I am not sure who is calling the shots or who is advising who is calling the shots at the CAGOP, but have they not seen the state California is in? Millions are out of work, millions are trying to hold onto their business under draconian lockdowns, many are fleeing the state for greener pastures, and the most important thing on their list was sending out a half-baked meme and then having the gall to ask Californians to donate $35 to the “fight.” What fight? I do not see the CAGOP involved in any fight. They are playing arts and crafts while every day Californians are on the brink.

California has become a street fight. The Democrats have been fighting dirty for decades. They use every lever of power available to them to push their agenda on us. They have no squabbles about how they gain power, as long as they continue to do so.

I’m not sure why the CAGOP is not 100% on board with pushing the Recall effort against the Governor. With only grassroots support, the campaign has been able to gather at least 800,000 verified signatures, with many more pouring in all the time. This should be their number one priority from here until March. They should be shouting it from the rooftops. They should be leveraging their political clout, at least whatever is left of it, to inform and gather signatures. The Democrats spent three years screaming Russia collusion and impeachment about President Trump over a phone call. The CAGOP can spend the next several months screaming recall to get this effort past the finish line. Yet, their number one priority is making sure people cut out a meme and post it IG. Radical push for change for sure.

This is an all-out street fight in California. There is no more playing nice in the age of the Newsom era of California. He and his Democratic buddies will stop at nothing to squash opposition and shove their agendas down your throat, and there will be nothing you can do about it because we lack an opposition party with any sort of backbone.

We need fighters in California. Fighters who are not afraid to get their hands a bit dirty. We had such a choice in 2018, and again the CAGOP went with the mild-mannered John Cox over the fiery Travis Allen. Travis Allen had no problem calling out Newsom on the debate stage with the zinger “If you can’t trust Gavin with your wife, how can you trust him with the state?” That line lit up social media. It made waves; people took notice. Why? Because he landed a haymaker on Newsom.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley is another fighter. Taking Newsom to court over his overreach. Give him and James Gallagher credit, they took the fight to Newsom and won.

Tamika Hamilton, who came up short in her bid for Congress, is one of the most intelligent and strategically minded candidates I have seen. She knows there is a game to play, and she is ready to play it to help save California. She’s a fighter and we could use someone like her leading.

What has playing nice and by the traditional rules gotten us? Here in San Diego, we now have a new Mayor who will turn America’s Finest City into LA or San Francisco. In his inaugural speech, his top priorities were racial justice, BLM, and “building back better.” The San Diego Republicans could have thrown support to the moderate Democrat Barbara Bry and at least held the line until the next election where we could run a conservative candidate. But no, the conventional wisdom was to not throw support behind a Democrat, that’s just not how things are done. So now we have Mayor Gloria, a radical who will turn San Diego into another failed coastal city in California.

It is time for the CAGOP and all conservatives who hope to have a fighting chance in California to take the old wisdom and the traditional rule book and throw it right out the window. This is a street fight, this is guerrilla warfare. Old conventions will not work anymore. When the original colonists engaged with the mighty British empire, they did not follow typical rules of engagement, they fought “dirty” to help free our nation from King George.

It is time the CAGOP and all conservatives across the state to figure out a new way of fighting back. When it comes to a street fight for your life, the other side will have no problem using any dirty tactic to ensure you are left bleeding and dying in the gutter.