SDSU Officially Cancels Spring Break

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

SDSU has canceled spring break due to the Coronavirus. This likely won’t much to stop the spread, but that has not stopped the university before. Additionally, students are in a complete uproar.

The 5 day break will be replaced with several “rest and recovery days” throughout the semester.

A petition has been signed by 12,000 students to bring back spring break. A petition was also started earlier in the year urging SDSU to issue partial tuition refunds, in light of the online format. SDSU did not respond to that petition, however, and actually raised its tuition rate. 

A commenter on the petition said “SDSU y’all some money hungry gremlins, if you guys are gonna raise my tuition I want my spring break.”

Another commenter said, ““R&R” days will do absolutely nothing to actually give students a break from school. Do they actually care about making a solution for covid cases? No. If they did they would close down the dorms but they would never do that because they’ll lose too much money for a second year. All they care about is money and their image that makes it seem like they’re doing this for the greater good of society but in reality they are screwing over each and every student.”

The President of the Associated Students Organization also had some input on the matter, saying, “Justifying an alternative spring break proposal that has two, three-day weekends in the name of public health is buying into the agenda of scapegoating universities and university students for the county’s, state’s and country’s lack of control over a global pandemic.” College students are one of the furthest left sections of the electorate in America, but suddenly when universities begin to crack down on their freedoms, they give the same arguments conservatives have been using for the last nine months as to why many coronavirus restrictions are a bad idea.