Several businesses in Carlsbad defying lockdown order

Written by Hannah Schmidtler

Under Gov. Gavin Newson’s latest stay at home order, restaurants are banned from having any type of in-person dining. Restaurant owners know that defying the order comes with a serious risk of being shut down, losing their license, or being finned; nevertheless, a group of  Carlsbad restaurants is willing to accept that risk. As a form of peaceful protest against the order, restaurants in Carlsbad have banned together to defy the lockdown. Many have signs outside their businesses explaining their reasons for staying open. 

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Annie Rammel, the owner of Oak and Elixir, explains her reasoning for defying the order. “This doesn’t have to do with politics. I’ve put my whole heart, soul finances, blood, sweat, and tears into this business. I’m not willing to give up without a fight — I’m just not.”

Some restaurants have already been visited by police and given warnings to change their practices or face being shut down. The city’s communications director, Kristina Ray, said in a statement that willful violations of the lockdown order will be reported and sent to the district attorney’s office for potential prosecution. Ray urged restaurants to follow the orders. She explained that the sooner they comply, the sooner the city can get the virus under control and restaurants can reopen as normal.

Other business owners in the San Diego area have also defied orders and chosen to stay open, like restaurant owner Alondra  Ruiz. Ruiz, who owns The Village in North park, urged other San Diego restaurant owners to stand up to the order in peaceful protest, “Fight for your business that you invested so much time and energy and money into it, to stay open and fight for your rights, stand up for your family, for your employees, your community.” She will be holding a rally at her restaurant this Saturday, December 19th.