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Anderson’s proposal to use Scientific Data for COVID Enforcement is Approved

(San Diego, January 12, 2021) During its discussion of COVID-19, the San Diego County

Board of Supervisors supported a proposal by Supervisor Joel Anderson to adopt language

ensuring that residents and business owners in San Diego County should experience a fair and

consistent application of enforcement actions against those deemed to be in violation of

COVID-19 safety regulations.


“We should use Medical Science, not Political Science, in determining enforcement actions,” said Anderson.

“Why are big box stores allowed to open with few restrictions while mom-and-pop stores are

being squeezed? Why are playgrounds and parks closed one day and the next day open? Did the

science change overnight? Outdoor dining is open, then closed, then open, then closed since

November. These are just a couple of examples,” said Anderson.

“Tens of thousands of San Diego County residents are out of work as a result of COVID-19

enforcement measures,” said Anderson. “I strongly support efforts to keep our residents safe,

but these actions should not be capricious.”


These additional aspects were included in the board action:

It is recognized that scientific data on how COVID-19 is spread should be the guiding principle

determining what business should be open and how they may operate, and once determined,

the criteria should be released publicly.


County of San Diego enforcement actions against residents and businesses deemed in violation

of COVID-19 will be based on the best available scientific evidence and applied consistently.

The County of San Diego’s enforcement criteria, once determined, should be released publicly.




Gianna Belsito, Administrative & Policy Aide

Office of Supervisor Joel Anderson

County of San Diego Board of Supervisors

O: (619) 531-5933   C: (858) 276-8919