County Sup. Nathan Fletcher: ‘COVID restrictions causing business closures, not me’

Written by Justin Culetu 

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher says that he didn’t close down any businesses, COVID-19 did. He even posted this on video his Twitter, in which he says that the owner of A&B Sporting Goods does not blame him for its closure. A&B Sporting Goods had been open for nearly 80 years before succumbing to financial struggles caused by the lockdowns. 

Despite Supervisor Fletcher’s claims about his unconditional support for small businesses during the pandemic, lockdown policies that he’s endorsed have caused A&B Sporting Goods and many other businesses to permanently shut down.

Fletcher has played a large part in San Diego’s response to the pandemic and with multiple opportunities to vote for a safe and effective reopening strategy, he has not. Instead, he has continued to follow Gov. Gavin Newsom’s guidance and continues to avoid trying to handle this crisis on the local level. 

Regarding the permanent closure of A&B Sporting Goods and other small businesses, Fletcher fails to take responsibility and blames “the restrictions brought on by the pandemic” for forcing the business to close. Since the beginning of the pandemic California has been enforcing tough lockdown policies and stay-at-home orders, all of which have been hurting small businesses and making minimal progress in slowing the spread; and all of which Sup. Fletcher supported. Although he may not have ordered the closures and lockdowns himself, he certainly does not have a problem enforcing them. Nathan Fletcher may claim to care about small businesses, but actions speak louder than words, and Fletcher’s voting record speaks for itself.