Democrats join the movement to Recall Newsom

Written by Michael Palomba

While many may believe that the effort to Recall Governor Newsom is favored solely by Republicans, that doesn’t appear the be the case.

Democrat billionaire mega-donor Chamath Palihapitiya has come out in support, tweeting “It’s on. #RecallGavinNewsom,” on Monday.

The campaign to oust Newsom from office has gained an immense amount of momentum following his strict stay-at-home orders and his lying about a non-COVID compliant outing to The French Laundry back in November. Additionally, lack of transparency, a skyrocketing homeless population, ever-increasing taxes, rolling blackouts, poor forest management, and a plethora of other incompetencies are helping to fuel the effort to replace the Governor.

The organizers of the Recall Newsom effort announced that they have collected 1.2M of the 1.5M signatures needed. There are still 7 weeks until the March 10th deadline and the organizers would like to well exceed that 1.5M threshold in case any of the signatures are found to be invalid.

If the campaign does gather the needed signatures, voters will face two questions on the ballot. The first will ask whether or not Newsom should be recalled. The next will include a list of candidates to replace Newsom, and voters will be asked to choose one. If a majority of voters indicate that Newsom should be replaced, the candidate with the most votes will take his spot.

To sign the petition visit Rescue California.

The Republican Party of San Diego County is encouraging voters to join them in their “5×5 plan,” in which one person signs the petition and recruits 5 others to sign as well, then those 5 people find 5 other people and the cycle goes on.

Executive Director Jordan Gascon said “We can do this but we need to work together! Sign the petition, recruit your friends and family, even one signature gets us closer to removing Newsom and replacing him with someone who will make California great.”

Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/ SCNG