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San Diego Republicans Issue Statement on the Impeachment of President Trump

SAN DIEGO — Paula Whitsell, Chairwoman of the Republican Party of San Diego County, released the following statement:

“We have just heard that today the Democratic Party and Speaker Nancy Pelosi voted to impeach President Trump and not follow President-elect Biden’s previous calls to unite the country and move it forward.

President Trump has publicly called for the peaceful transition of Presidential power and has been making all attempts to move the country forward given the controversial election integrity matters that plagued the general election and the recent violence in Washington, D.C.

Doing this with only a week left before the end of President Trump’s term continues the pattern of animosity shown by Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic allies against the President, his family, Administration and the over 74 million voters who voted for President Trump.

We believe that it is time for the nation to heal and for Speaker Pelosi and her House colleagues along with President-elect Biden to bring our divided nation together.

We are very proud of our San Diego County Congressman Darrell Issa for voting against impeachment.

In addition, we believe that speaker Pelosi, her Democratic allies, media friends and Silicon Valley tech supporters are trying to silence backers of the President, all Republicans and anyone who has or is willing to speak out against their actions.  Let’s be very clear, this is not a vote based on the actions in Washington, D.C., but is part of a long program by the Democrats to damage any opponents who criticize their misguided policies.

We believe it is time for the country to move on. The Biden Administration, the US House of Representatives and the US Senate should move to address the many crucial issues facing the country right now namely, provide vaccines and medical relief to Americans in harm’s way of COVID-19, help small businesses and the unemployed Americans of all colors and creeds to get back on their feet and look to solve many of the domestic policy concerns and foreign policy battles that need to be won.

We call on the US Senate to stop this impeachment attempt and to allow the country to move forwards.

We also want to thank President Trump, his family, and the Administration for serving us nobly and for always putting the American people first.  We will forever be grateful to him and them.”

Paula Whitsell, Chairwoman at or 619-940-5767