SDSU increases flexibility for student meal plans

Written by Justin Culetu 

With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting dining options unilaterally, San Diego State University will allow students more spending flexibility as they reconfigure their meal plans for the academic year. 

Since the majority of restaurants not operated by SDSU have been forced to significantly limit their operations or close entirely, student’s choices for where to eat have been severely reduced. However, SDSU will provide students with 20 different dining options this semester; 16 of which are open on weekends, and 9 of those being open for dinner on weekends. Dining services will also offer food truck service at Villa Alvarado every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Todd Summer, CEO of Aztec Shops and associate vice president of Business and Financial Affairs, is making sure students do not suffer during these times for something they cannot control. “SDSU Dining Services is committed to offering easily accessible dining options to our students,” Summer stated. “The introduction of new offerings and spending flexibility options underscore SDSU Dining Services’ efforts in service of the campus community.”

Additionally, SDSU now offers rolling funds in which a student’s allocated dining money that is not used will roll over to the next week, and the remaining balance at the end of the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester. 

SDSU run eateries are meant to serve 35,000 students as well as 5,000 faculty and staff members, but with the campus capacity notably reduced to slow the spread of the virus, several locations on campus will not be continuing operations for the time being.

If food assistance is needed, students are encouraged to ask for support from the Economic Crisis Response Team, as well as the Food Pantry

Phot via SDSU NewsCenter