The Establishment Wants to Make Conservatism Illegal

Written by Philip Mauriello Jr., Managing Attorney of Arete Law A.P.C. and host of the California Underground Podcast

This past month has been a rough time for conservatives and those who supported President Trump. The chaos that occurred at the Capitol on January 6th has given not only the Left a huge opportunity, but also Establishment Republicans who seek to distance themselves from President Trump in his final days.

It has become increasingly clear that the Establishment could not stand President Trump and are more than happy to get rid of him in just a few days. The chaos in the Capitol provided the perfect excuse for such Establishment types to give themselves the moral high ground and cut ties with the President. They can clutch their pearls and feign shock and outrage at a supposed claim the President attempted to “overthrow” the government through violent force. Even as they fail to point to any concrete evidence where President Trump explicitly told supporters on January 6th to violently attack the Capitol, they continue to push the narrative.

CNN is now reporting that investigators are learning that the “attack” was planned well before President Trump’s speech. This would be evidence that his words did not directly influence a plan that was already in motion. Regardless, the story is out there and now conservatives and Trump supporters wake up today with allegations of them being domestic terrorists.

The number one thing I feared after January 6th was the Establishment’s will to spin this into painting all Trump supporters as enemies of the state. Once that claim is out there it is tough to combat. We are seeing it unfold right in front of us. Social media has run with this claim and now uses it to ban conservative voices and accounts. President Trump has been nuked from all the major platforms. Hell, even Pinterest piled on and banned President Trump (I guess in case he was trying to send encoded messages with specific storyboards).

The Left you could expect would use any excuse to tar and feather President Trump and his supporters, but when you see Republicans like Mitch McConnell actually consider convicting President Trump for “insurrection” and “incitement of violence” you are even more dismayed that the Establishment wanted him gone a long time ago. They are probably clinking champagne glasses that he will be leaving on January 20th.

We are now seeing this unfold in our local politics here in California. Opponents of the recall effort against Governor Newsom are now capitalizing on the allegation and using it to smear those who support it. San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, in an abhorrent and unsubstantiated way, claimed (without evidence) that those who support the recall effort are “Pro-Trump extremists” and those who organized it are “linked with Neo-Nazis.” A disgusting accusation if I have ever heard one, even for a bully like Nathan Fletcher.

Forget that the recall has been ongoing for months now, long before the events of January 6th. Forget that recalls are a right given to the citizens of California through our own Constitution. They are jumping on the bandwagon to label it a “coup” and if you support it, watch out because we are branding you an enemy of the state.

All of this leads to one thing and an ultimate goal of the Establishment, conservative populism will be made illegal and banned from society. The election of President Trump was a speed bump for them. Their goal now is to salt the earth and prevent the election of an outsider like him ever again. Here in California, they look to stamp out any chance of a conservative uprising. Do not be surprised when they start labeling Kevin Faulconer as a Pro-Trump extremist and make him walk back any support for the President as he runs for Governor.

They will make it illegal to be a conservative soon. Not by any specific law, but just by treating you as an enemy of the state. They will publicly shame you. They will ban you from platforms. They will call you a danger to society. If you want to be a part of society, you will either have to repent or accept your fate as an outsider.

The Establishment (on both sides) has made it clear, obey us, or be destroyed.