Vaccination Superstation Opens in La Mesa

Written by Joey Brasil

Yet another COVID-19 Vaccination Super Station has opened in San Diego County, this one being in La Mesa. This as the Petco Park superstation has been closed since Friday for lack of vaccine material. That brings the total number of Super Stations in the County to four.  This highlights the chaotic and incompetent rollout of the vaccine program by Governor Newsom and Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.  

As the County prepares for more people to become eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations, the need for more super stations has grown. The question becomes:  will there be enough vaccines to supply the superstations through the County. 

The new site is at Grossmont Center and it is open from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays.

So many San Diegans want this vaccine not just for their own safety, but because they fear they will infect other people in their community. Bruce Lisman told NBC 7, “I want to make sure that I don’t infect anybody else, especially the community and I want to feel better.” 

In San Diego County, the only eligible people to receive vaccinations at this time are senior citizens, those that work in health care or long-term facilities and 1st responders (EMTs and firefighters). 

The Democrat-controlled Board of Supervisors recently voted no on a measure that would have allowed the County’s law enforcement officers to receive the vaccine.  Supervisor Jim Desmond and Supervisor Joel Anderson voted to support law enforcement’s quest to be included in the first tier which allows for 1st responders and firefighters to be vaccinated.

For those that are eligible, the online appointment system is the only way to secure a time to receive the vaccine. However, the online system has made securing an appointment almost impossible.  The online appointment system is clunky and inefficient.  Senior citizens have difficulty navigating the online system and often resort to calling the appointment phone line to obtain an appointment.  

Per Scott Evans, Senior VP and CEO of Sharp Grossmont Hospital, “Other than the scheduling part, which has been difficult, once they do visit the site, we really hear nothing but very positive feedback in terms of how efficient we move through the process and people are just excited to be vaccinated.”

The UC San Diego -Petco Park vaccination superstation is located at 1235 K Street, San Diego, 92101.  When it is open, the site uses a drive-thru method to distribute vaccinations and will be open from 7 am – 7 pm every day of the week once they have been resupplied with vaccines. 

Image from HHSA video