Board of Supervisors unanimously approve climate change proposal

Written by Elora Moolenaar

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a climate change proposal that will move the county toward net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2035.

The Democratic party has proclaimed itself as the only party that cares about climate change and its members often criticize Republicans for showing a lack of concern and effort when it comes to maintaining our environment.

However, the recent decision by the board shows that isn’t true. The two Republicans on the board, Jim Desmond and Joel Anderson, both voted yes on the proposal.

While Republicans do not center their campaigns on extreme climate proposals like Democrats do, that doesn’t mean the environment isn’t equally as important to those on the right.

The plan is described as a zero-carbon policy that will reduce the burden on working families and provide well-paying jobs for the community. It will ultimately incorporate strategies tailored to the region to achieve zero carbon emissions in key sectors such as energy, transportation, and land use.

Jim Desmond stated that farmers need to play a role in any climate reduction process as well.

The mainstream media characterizes Republicans as anti-environmentalists, but that simply isn’t true. While Republicans tend to focus on more pressing issues, such as fighting for smaller government, improving foreign relations, increasing national security, and protecting gun rights, they are also able to recognize threats posed against the environment.

Republicans have shown concern towards maintaining our environment so future generations are able to thrive. They just do it without the fear-mongering and hysteria that is spewed by the Democrat Party.

Photo via Electrical Alliance