Nathan Fletcher has no answer for why San Diego is so far behind on reopening

Written by Amanda Angulo

At a recent San Diego County Public Health briefing, County Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher was faced with a question that he seemed to not want to answer. 

KUSI reporter Tommy Sablan asked Fletcher, “there are 45 states that do not have school closure orders. San Francisco and Chicago are now reopening their schools. Long Island, New York just started to let their high school athletes play sports. Cities all across the country are reopening businesses. Our case rates here in San Diego, and ICU numbers, are as good if not better than theirs. Why is their science different than San Diego County and why are we so behind?”

Fletcher attempted to shut down the question, responding spitefully, “you would have to ask them, Tommy.”

However, Sablan then pointed out that the question was meant to be directed to Fletcher himself and not other states. 

Fletcher then once again attempted to shut it down by stating that he cannot answer for why other states have opened up many institutions. He also dodged answering why California is behind, but claimed that “we are advancing on reopenings”. 

He also vaguely talked about the plans to reopen schools and added that, “the vaccines play a critical role” in order to safely open schools back up. 

San Diego is one of the most locked-down places in the US in regards.

“The way we can get more things open is to get more people vaccinated” he claimed.

The county and the state have severely botched the vaccine rollout, so if vaccines “play a critical role”, that may be the reason that Fletcher was reluctant to answer the KUSI reporter; because he’d be admitting his and Newsom’s mistakes in the process.

Two weeks ago, the director of the CDC released a statement that teachers do not need to be vaccinated in order to reopen schools safely, leaving no excuse for schools to continue to be closed. Children are suffering from a lack of proper education and parents are concerned over their children’s wellbeing. Meanwhile, Nathan Fletcher has failed to provide San Diegans with any answers and has proved time and time again that he will shirk responsibility for nearly every issue that he is presented with.