Racist LA County DA George Gascón leaves state DA group because ‘they’re all white’

Written by Justin Culetu

In light of the previous summer’s Black Lives Matter movement, leftists affiliated with the Democratic party have accepted the woke ideology of the “anti-white” narrative to ironically combat racism. Los Angeles County District Attorney Gordon Gascón is no exception, as he removed himself this week from the California District Attorneys Association, citing the group’s all-White board as his main reason for resigning. 

“This is the leadership that sets the direction for an organization of elected prosecutors, all of whom disproportionately prosecute communities of color at a time when the nation is facing a reckoning over systemic racism, and in a state with a plurality of minorities no less,” Gascón stated.

Meanwhile, Gascón is trying to eliminate sentencing enhancements, which would allow criminals to serve less time for their crimes. Los Angeles has seen an increase in the number of homicides and other violent crimes. So if Gascón truly cared about racial inequality, he would prioritize the victims of these crimes instead of favoring the criminals. 

However, his whole act is a publicity stunt, as El Dorado County District Attorney and President of the CDAA Vern Pierson points out Gascón is not a recent member of the CDAA. “Mr. Gascón cannot resign because he has not been a member of CDAA since October 2019 when he quit his job as DA of San Francisco,” Pierson said in a statement.

Pierson also pointed out Gascón’s hypocrisy on ethnic issues, as he ran against the first sitting female African American District Attorney in LA, Jackie Lacey. Apparently, race does not matter to Gascón when it comes to his own benefit.

Earlier in February Gascón was sued by his own deputy DA, Jon Hitami, for defaming him, referring to Hitami as an “internal terrorist” for disagreeing with his proposed reforms. Gascón also referred to his deputy DA as “delusional” and “unfit” for the deputy position. 

When it comes to double standards, Democrats like Gascón know no limits. In no circumstance would it be acceptable for anyone to resign from a group because they are “all-Black” or “all-Asian” because that is inherently racist. Leaving a group for being “all-White” does not change that fact.

Gascón clearly does not understand the definition of racism, since he thinks being discriminatory towards a majority is an act of equality.

As an elected official who has the power to put people in prison for life, Gascón has proven that he cannot be trusted to do his job with impartiality and free from bias. Someone who is focused on race over the law should not have the power to prosecute anyone. As a member of the Democratic “party of unity,” Gascón does not do a good job of practicing what they preach.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images