Thousands of dollars in equipment stolen from La Mesa Little League

Written by Natalia Toliver

The past year has been difficult for local sports, and unfortunately, things only got worse for the Lake Murray Little League.

That’s because the Lake Murray Little League received a call that someone had broken into their sheds. A few board members came to check it out and had found nothing suspicious or out of place. A couple of days later, however, a board member came back and noticed that on their main shed there was a lock that did not belong to them.

One child looked through the gap of the shed and informed an adult that the Gator was missing. The gator is a utility vehicle valued at $5000-$6000.

Dave Hardenburger, safety officer of the Lake Murray Little League, said the Gator is an older piece of equipment, so if someone had stolen it, they would have had to know where it was parked, how to open the shed, and how to operate it. Some equipment was stolen along with the gator. 

In addition to the Gator being stolen, an attempted theft was also noticed. Someone tried to pry open the wooden bleachers and Hardenburger believes that whoever did it was looking to see what was stored in the shed.

On top of stolen equipment and attempted theft, the field, bleachers, and even the snack bar were vandalized.

The community has stepped in to help the Lake Murray Little League Team. The La Mesa Police Department has created a GoFundMe to help gather money to replace the stolen equipment and the La Mesa Firefighters Association Local 4759 gave the first donation. 

If you have any information that may lead to the recovery of the stolen items, please contact the La Mesa Police Department.

Photo via GoFundMe