Biden and Democrats change Trump rule, allow banks to discriminate against conservative businesses

Written by Joey Brasil

Already having been dealt with by the Trump administration in 2017, President Joe Biden has paused Trump’s rule which was designed to prevent another Obama-era Operation Choke Point from happening again. 

Not well-known to the public, this program was used by the federal government to single out businesses that were not favored by Democrats. Gun sellers were one category of businesses that were targeted. 

The general background of Operation Choke Point involves the Obama Administration instructing banks through federal regulators to discriminate against types of businesses that they didn’t like. 

After being denied financial services from many banks, many of the targeted businesses either had to pay more for banking services or didn’t have any access to a bank. 

The Obama Administration created an illusion that its program targeted businesses susceptible to fraud, but failed to elaborate on the difference between disfavored legal and illegal businesses. The program put disfavored legal businesses in the same category as illegal businesses. 

This is an obvious abuse of power by a president, and goes against the “unification” approach that Joe Biden promised on the campaign trail. The Democrats claim to be an accepting party to all people and businesses, yet they will do anything to eliminate anyone that disagrees with them. We have seen this with the recent cancellations of everything from syrup brands to Mr. Potato Head and even My Pillow.

The businesses that were targeted by the Obama Administration are the livelihoods of many Americans. A resurgence of a program similar to Operation Choke Point will only further disadvantage many citizens that fall into the targeted industries. 

The Biden Administration claims it desires unity for the United States, but cutting out any sort of opposition to its policies or ideas is just the opposite. President Biden seems prepared to continue choking conservatives out of the economy and society, all for partisan political gain.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon