Biden lies to America in long-awaited press conference

Written by Brandon Lee Romo

Joe Biden went through the first two months of his presidency without holding a single press conference, which is the longest time a President has gone without one in U.S. history. On Thursday, March 25th, he finally spoke to the media. However, the press conference ended up being a total disgrace for the media, the president, and the country as a whole.

First off, Biden appeared to have a booklet with the names of all the reporters and in what order to call on them. He also constantly referred to his notes, almost like he had no idea what to say. Even doing that, the reporters failed to get answers of any substance from Biden and stuck to vague, friendly questions.

One reporter even went as far as to proclaim that migrants are coming because Biden is a “moral, decent man.” Could you imagine a reporter saying that to former President Trump under any circumstances?

Not only did Biden fail to give reporters meaningful answers, but he also gave answers that were based on complete falsehoods. One of which was Biden’s claim that the winter migration rates were worse under the Trump administration. But when comparing January 2021 to January 2019, 34.5% more people tried to cross the border under the Biden administration than under the Trump Administration in that year.

Biden also claimed that the majority of migrant families were being sent back. But according to the CBP, less than 50% of the apprehended 20,000 families in February were sent back. He also told reporters that the majority of Republicans support him and his actions, which is beyond false.

Former President Trump weighed in on the disgraceful press conference in an interview with Fox News:

“Well, they were strange questions, and they were asked in a very interesting way…It was like softballs..Nobody has seen anything like it…And it’s very sad to watch, actually, they are feeding him questions. They are easy questions. I noticed Peter Doocy didn’t get to ask a question today.”

It is clear that the mainstream media has a goal to protect Biden from any negative press, as they only ask Biden questions that are bound to make him look good. Not to mention the fact that they would never dare to question his claims the way they did Trump’s. The issue is that this sham by the Biden Administration and the media is robbing the American people of hearing the truth about what is going on in our country. Unlike any other administration, the media today allows Biden to make any false claims he would like and asks him friendly questions that falsely paint him in a positive light. Americans are being blatantly duped and lied to about the issues currently facing our nation, and the lack of transparency keeps us from knowing what the administration truly plans to do as a response.


Photo via Yahoo News