CA unemployment rate remains high as other states bounce back

Written by Joey Brasil

COVID-19 regulations, especially the ones that are restricting more people from working, are causing a massive influx of individuals filing unemployment claims in California. 

Governor Newsom’s failure to further loosen the restrictions on businesses has continued to leave more people out of work. This has only led the backup of EDD claims to grow, with a 19% jump taking place during the week of March 6. Nationally, the percentage declined by 6.2%. 

The State’s unemployment rate is over 9%, meanwhile, the national unemployment rate is right around 6%.

A good start to getting more Californians back to work starts with Governor Newsom allowing more businesses to open up along with loosening the restrictions on them. More specifically, small businesses such as restaurants need less strict regulations in order to give workers hours and potentially hire back people that had been put out of work. 

California is among the least open states in the United States which has caused the unemployment rate to suffer. Governor Newsom’s regulations for the pandemic have been put in place in haste without regard for the effect that they have on citizens.

Other states like Texas and Florida have moved full steam ahead on reopening and it is going quite well for them. Even liberal states like Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and others are far ahead of California in terms of reopening.

Now that we are finally settled into 2021 with hopes of a return to normalcy, it is time for Newsom to do the right thing and allow people to return to work. 

San Diego was able to move into the red tier this week, but that still isn’t enough. Vaccines are being given to thousands of people each day and science has shown that we can reopen at a quicker pace.

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