Councilman Joe LaCava calls for Redesigning City of San Diego Seal, citing respect for “Indigenous Peoples”

Written by Justin Culetu 

“Should we be rewriting history just to make people feel good? That’s not history, that’s psychiatry.” – Ed Koch

Joe LaCava, a newly elected San Diego City Councilman, is insisting on redesigning the century-old City of San Diego official seal on accounts of its “glorification” of Spanish conquistadors. 

Although seen around the city’s government buildings, the official seal of San Diego is often overlooked. Adopted more than a century ago, the Spanish-inspired seal consists of a ship, a belfry, and the Pillars of Hercules. All of which tell a story of the history of San Diego and do not target hate towards any group. 

Claims like this are not new, as important American historical figures all over the country are being slandered by radical progressives who want to re-write the parts of history that they do not like.

“The City of San Diego should be an example,” said LaCava. “The current City seal erases the history of the Indigenous Peoples who occupied this land long before us, and glorifies those who stole it. Words matter, symbols matter, actions matter. It’s time we take action to right this wrong.” 

Former Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric challenged LaCava’s proposal, citing it as another example of cancel culture.

“We have a proud history in California. We learn from our history. We don’t erase history. I would urge Mr. LaCava to focus on the real concerns of his constituents,” he said.

Not only is this a waste of time, effort, and money, but it’s a sad reality of the direction the country is heading. History is nowhere near perfect, but the events of the past are the reason we have a thriving and prosperous society today. 

Paradise was not meant for this world, but radical progressive Democrats and leftists seek to judge history by modern-day standards, which were not present in the past. And with ideologies and morals constantly changing, never will there be a time where the future society thinks that some point in history was 100 percent perfect for everyone. 

Ultimately, to revisionist historians, everything in the past is a message of unequal suffering and must be eliminated. But instead of focusing on eliminating the past wrongs, which affect no one, since everyone from that time has already long passed, we as a country need to look at history in terms of how we learned from it and built a better society based on those wrongdoings. Attempting to erase the past will only cause us to make the same mistakes again in the future. Never has there been a successful free society that seeks to terminate its history in a totalitarian fashion (i.e Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, North Korea, etc.) and America should by no means follow the path of historical negationism.

Councilman Joe LaCava is pandering to specific groups at a time when San Diego needs unified and decisive leadership. The city seal has no effect on anyone or anything. There is a swath of pressing issues, like homelessness, illegal immigration, past due bills, and more, that are affecting San Diegans right now. Mr. LaCava needs to stop playing identity politics, focus on the issues that matter, and be a leader for all San Diegans.


Photo via SDNews