Joe Biden has caused a crisis at the border and he refuses to even acknowledge it

Written by Destiny Garcia and Michael Palomba

Prior to Joe Biden’s presidency, former President Donald Trump worked hard to reform the broken U.S. border and immigration system.

Unfortunately, in just 2 months, President Biden has reversed many of Trump’s policies and recreated the crisis at the southern border.

For example, with the new policies put in place by Biden, in order for an ICE officer to make an arrest of a fugitive, they must seek written permission from a supervisor. This is a huge roadblock and often leads to migrants being released.

One of the most damaging changes implemented by the Biden Administration is the return of catch and release, which requires migrants to be processed by ICE and then released into the U.S. pending their court date. Biden has also put an end to Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) and severely reduced deportations. In January there were 5,583 deportations and later in February, there were only about 2,600.

Joe Biden’s immigration changes have caused a crisis at the southern border, which even the Democrat-loving mainstream media has pointed out. However, Biden has refused to acknowledge the problem and dodged questions from reporters on multiple occasions.

While only being in office for around 2 months, Joe Biden has made the U.S. a less safe place for everyone in it. Montana, Arizona, Texas, and other states have begun the process of filing lawsuits against the Biden administration to halt his policies, for the public’s safety, but more damage is being done every day.

Once migrants are released into the U.S., which is happening at a staggering rate, ICE has little in the ways of keeping track of them. Meaning if they do not show up for their court date, ICE has to waste valuable and strained resources to track them down. This takes resources away from the southern border and allows cartels to thrive via the smuggling of people and drugs. Yuma Sheriff Leon Wilmot points this out in a recent interview.

Before Biden implemented these policies, when ICE officers came across felons’ cases, they would deport them immediately, according to U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton. He also stated that ICE has been instructed to release felons who have completed their sentence into the U.S., which puts the lives of citizens in danger.

Joe Biden has sacrificed the safety and security of the United States to fulfill a Democrat wishlist item and appease his base. And if that isn’t enough, his refusal to even address the problem is an insult to every U.S. citizen who he is responsible for.

There is one group that is pleased with Biden’s actions, however, and they are the thousands of migrants heading to or already at the southern border. Just last week migrants were seen porting Biden/Harris T-Shirts as they awaited entry into the U.S. Perhaps Biden has forgotten that he is the President of the United States, not another country. When people from other countries are supporting a U.S. president more heavily than people from the U.S., that is a sure-fire indicator of a problem.