Major political data firm PDI closes its doors to Republicans

Written by Elina Linner

Big tech and big corporations are continuing to attempt to “cancel” and hurt Republicans in any way they can. Political Data Inc (PDI), a major California political data firm, officially shut its doors on all Republicans. 

For the past three decades, Political Data Inc. has supplied campaign data to both parties, but in February, they unexpectedly announced that from now on they will only work with Democrats and “progressives.”

According to Paul Mitchell, vice president of PDI, this decision had already been contemplated for several years.

Democrats already have a large advantage in California voter registration, but that isn’t enough. Big tech and Democrats will continue to try and “cancel” Republicans in any way they can. Gone are the days of free and fair completion, liberals are trying to completely eliminate any competition whatsoever. 

Mitchell stated that the reason for this decision was due to the necessity of partnering with tech companies, most of which are run by Democrats. According to Mitchell, this was only a business decision. 

“It was a business decision, but ideologically, if pushed to choose, this is the way we went,” Mitchell said.

A Los Angeles-based Democratic political consultant, Garry South said he was delighted by the decision. “If Republicans and far-right conspiracy-mongers want to collect voter information, they can now damn well find another firm,” he said.

This is the problem. Democrats are working to cancel Republicans by any means necessary, and their reasoning is that ‘all Republicans are racists, conspiracy theorists, homophobes, etc.’ In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth, but it will not stop Democrats from pushing that narrative to eliminate their competition.

Thankfully, many Republican candidates and organizations were prepared for this and have already begun working with other firms.

Nonetheless, 21st century Cancel Culture is dangerous and does not benefit anyone except the woke liberal mob. With massive companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and now PDI working as hard as they can to shut out Republicans, we will have to work just as hard to make sure they are unsuccessful.