San Diego Convention Center to be used to house migrant children

Written by Destiny Garcia

There has been an overwhelming number of immigrants flooding the United States borders seeking asylum. The Biden Administration is blaming the crisis on former President Donald Trump, though statistics show that the majority of the immigrants at the border have come because of Biden’s policies and rhetoric.

Biden has reversed several key Trump Administration policies related to the border and migrants are seeing that as an invitation. One migrant, in an interview with ABC, even said that he came to the border with his wife and 3 children because Biden is president. He also said he would not have tried under former President Trump.

Because of the border crisis created by the Biden Administration, there is a need to find shelter for all the migrants who are being let into the country, many without even so much as a date to appear in court.

Now, the effects are hitting very close to home as it has been announced that the San Diego Convention Center will be used to house unaccompanied migrant children. This will cost millions in taxpayer dollars and no timeline has been given for how long the convention center will be occupied.

The shelter for the minors will provide each child with medical care, food, access to bathroom facilities, and an area to rest.  The expected duration of a child staying at the shelter is anywhere between 30 to 35 days.

Questions have been raised about who will fund this project, because it will continue to cost a lot of money. According to Mayor Todd Gloria, “the city and county will support this federally funded effort by providing vital services to these vulnerable children who came to our country seeking safety…”

Mayor Gloria recently said he wants to be ‘a voice on immigration and asylum,’ which was met with criticism because that falls nowhere within the scope of his job responsibilities.

Joe Biden and California Democrats, like Gloria, are putting American citizens last and wasting millions of our hard-earned tax dollars in the process. What we are seeing today is unprecedented in American history, and the current administration refuses to even acknowledge the problem for what it is, a crisis.