San Diego Judge’s ruling barring school reopening restrictions applies statewide

Written by Sidiqa Atria

A San Diego County judge’s ruling that blocked the state from enforcing certain school reopening rules will apply throughout the entire state of California.

We can thank the Parent Association of North County San Diego for this. The group was able to get Superior Court Judge Cynthia Freeland to side with them in a lawsuit against state officials. Judge Freeland says that the continued lockdowns, as well as the current overly restrictive guidelines, will only continue to have a negative impact on students.

Students are already heading back to school in Poway. And the North County School District plans to
open up schools starting Monday, March 29. The schools will be slowly opening, allowing in-person schooling 2 times per week to start.

Parent of 4, Elizabeth Jorgenson, says her boys are elated to get back to school. And other parents have shared similar stories. At-home learning has posed some serious challenges both academically and emotionally for students. Distance learning has made it more difficult for students to be motivated to learn, especially for more rigorous courses. Her boys, like many others, missed out on so many milestones, sports, and memories that they won’t be able to get back. But now that the schools are finally opening up, kids everywhere will be able to begin to make up for the lost experiences and slowly be able to return to normalcy.


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