Son of Murdered California Police Officer finds Radical DA George Gascón’s Policies “Disgusting”

Written by Juan Sebastian Fragozo

In 2017 Officer Keith Boyer and Officer Patrick Hazell were investigating an accident near the intersection of Colima Road and Mar Vista in Whittier, Los Angeles County. Unbeknownst to the officers, the vehicle that caused the crash was stolen and being driven by a gang member who had just been paroled; Michael Christopher Mejia shot both officers, killing 53-year-old Officer Boyer and injuring Officer Hazell. Even worse, Mejia had committed another murder just hours earlier, killing his own cousin. Now Mejia awaiting trial, and thanks to the efforts of  LA District Attorney George Gascon, the death penalty for an admitted gang member that murdered Officer Keith Boyer and others, is off the table, despite objections from the deputy DA. 

Josh Boyer, son of Officer Boyer, spoke about DA Gascón policies. He said that District Attorney George Gascón is, “Giving everything to criminals, everything they need to get free from these crimes, but taking away everything from the victims, justice for us.” He also stated that he hasn’t received any communication from the District Attorney’s office, “He doesn’t want to hear from the victims, he doesn’t want to hear the voice of the people.” 

“I want him to know how disgusting his policies really are.”

People were not aware of the ramifications of the so-called “reform to the justice system” that DA Gascon campaigned on. “When we heard he wanted to reform the justice system, we didn’t realize he wanted to normalize violent crimes,” Josh Boyer said. 

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón’s policies are absolutely dangerous for the city and put all residents and visitors at an increased risk for harm. The consequences are being seen in the spike of violence and recurring murders by criminals that are paroled, left to roam the streets. Democrats soft on crime agenda makes our cities more dangerous and puts criminals over justice for victims.

Officer Keith Boyer and his family, as well as the families of other victims, deserve justice.