Teachers and school staff not getting vaccinated despite prior pleas for vaccine eligibility

Written by Urvi Sakurikar

Despite the nonstop complaining from teachers unions that schools cannot open up until staff is vaccinated, most eligible San Diego County school staff have not received the vaccine. 

The county has tens of thousands of appointments set aside specially for school staff, but less than a third have used them. 

Out of the 90,000 faculty members emailed invitations for reserved vaccine appointments, only 29,000 have even taken the time to respond. 

To make things even stranger, the Office of Education has not received any complaints about staff not being able to access their vaccine appointments, implying that the teachers are just choosing not to get vaccinated.

According to Kelly Logan, a Poway Unified teachers union president, “[not a single teacher has said that] they do not wish to be vaccinated”. 

Once demand for vaccines decreases, the county will stop holding them for school staff and education workers will have to wait, making this a limited opportunity. 

Unions were up in arms about teachers going back without vaccines. Now that teachers are eligible, they need to either get the vaccine or consent to going back to work without it. The unions should have no reasons left to delay reopening any further. 

Photo via Now Habersham