The $1.9B stimulus package is a gift to big, liberal cities and a detriment to the American People

Written by Brandon Lee Romo

State governments will be the major beneficiaries of Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, California will be on the receiving end of $42.6 billion from Congress. $26.1 billion of which will be sent in aid and the other $16 billion for local government spending.

Toward the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proposed a bill that would award state and local governments a $1 trillion bailout. Governor Newsom was a strong supporter of that proposition. It did not pass, however, because Republican’s had control over the Senate.

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, made clear his enthusiasm for receiving a near $1.35 billion, some of which he says will be used to “pay off key debts,” as reported by the Los Angeles Times. Bay area newsite, The San Francisco Chronicle, reported that this bailout “will erase the majority of San Francisco’s projected $650 million budget deficit over the next two years.”

Biden’s $1.9 trillion bill will serve as a gigantic bailout for poorly run and mismanaged liberal cities, whose policies led them to be in such debts in the first place. The real losers of the situation are the American people, who now have to pay for the bailout of these Democrat-run cities with their hard earned tax dollars. These hard working Americans first had to feel the detrimental effects of liberal COVID-19 lockdown’s first hand, and now have to watch their money be used to bailout big cities. The citizens of Oklahoma and rural Nebraska should not be paying for the budgeting  mistakes of big city liberal politicians from New York and California. 

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized the bill for spending just “9 percent on the virus, but San Francisco – the home to our speaker – gets to wipe out 92 percent of their budget deficit,” also including that every American will have to pay $5,000 to fund San Francisco’s relief. Other Republicans opposed the bailout as well. Despite that, Democrats rammed the legislation through via Budged Reconciliation without an ounce of Republican support.

Biden has pushed the idea that the American people are the true beneficiaries of the bill, highlighting the $1,400 payments that are being sent out. However, not only are those payments far less than the $2,000 he promised on the campaign trail, but American’s will be paying for them with increased taxes. Joe Biden has proposed the first major tax hike in a generation.

What Americans deserve is to have politicians uphold policies that allow for the majority of people to prosper. What Americans do not deserve is to have their cities destroyed by poor Democrat leadership and mismanagement, only to later have to bail them out with their own tax dollars. If such acts continue there will never be improvement in these run down liberal cities, but only a continuation of the poverty and destruction within them.

Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images